Oil on 1/8″ deep Hardboard / Óleo sobre tabla
5.5″ high x 14″ wide / 35.6 x 14 cm

I had panels of 14 x 11 inches in my studio that I’m just not using, so in an attempt to recycle them and use them somehow I asked my husband to cute them down for me. I was planning to have them cut 7 x 5.5 but as soon as he cut the panel in half on the long side I told him to just leave it at that. The size unusual I admit is quite perfect for really panoramic views.

Since the painting is a little bit large I had to take quite a few breaks so it ended up taking me almost the entire day to finish it, well quite the entire day considering the time I’m posting this one on my blog.

A girl I had the pleasure to photograph in Miami Beach, one of my favorite places in the US, I guess because it reminds me of Venezuela with the long sandy beaches and the warm weather.

This painting I’m offering it at auction on eBay. Click the link above to bid.