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Originally posted on Sunday 23 March, 2008 . Comments
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Exhibiting in NY at the famous New York Art Expo back in 2007, the opportunity for inspiration was everywhere. Busy artists carrying their works to their booths, some veterans of the show, some completely clueless as obvious first timers and the loads and loads of workers coordinating the event, made up well orchestrated symphony.

This guy taking a break, completely oblivious at the organized chaos that surrounded him, couldn't be bothered not for a minute. The union wouldn't have let him work anyways, no matter what, as he was absolutely immerse in his break.

Original Painting:

| Oil on Board
| 6 inches wide x 6 inches height x 1/8 inch deep (15.24 cm wide x 15.24 cm height x 0.64 cm deep)
| Sold Unframed

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